Dec 14, 2010

The Crimson Pirate (52): watch Burt showing off his acrobatic skills!

It feels like ages since I posted last (it has been just 4 days). On Saturday, a 37-year-old tree fell down in my street causing an instant power cut and commotion in the corner (my town is so small and boring). So I decided to go to the church (something I never do) to listen a police chorus singing Christmas carols (?). On Sunday I went to the country with my dad and practiced my (really lame) driving, hoping that someday I'll get my license (I'm so uncoordinated: when I have to press the clutch + move the stick shift to switch the gear I forget about the wheel and the jeep goes wherever it wants). Why I'm telling you this? I don't know.

[Pirate Talk mode on] Do ya want to see a great, grand adventure movie? Just go on the account with Burt Lancaster n his mateys, that's me advice. Ass rye, he needs to find a lass (Eva Bartok) n her revolutionary ol man...and then get some good ol doubloons by selling them to the King's army, yo-ho-ho! But avast! What happens if Burt falls in love with the lass? ARRR! Shiver me timbers! More adventure! He will need to defeat the enemy and his own, mutineer hearties (the lubbers!) or he will be sent to the Davy Jones's Locker, ass rye! Watch him fightin with energy along with his mute matey Ojo, climbin ladders, jumpin from roofs, detonatin monkeys, comically runnin from the scurvy bilge rat army, teachin the captive town people how to defeat the enemy, driving a hot air balloon and even disguising himself as a wench! So show a leg and follow me advice me hearties, this is a great, grand, entertaining adventure movie with Lancaster's athletic skills at his best! And ye may lay to that! [/Pirate Talk mode off]

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  1. Argh! This post does me heart good. Ya've well described yon pirate adventure. What say ye? Be this Burt's grandest outing?

    LOL. I'm such a BAD buccaneer -- twas my best effort too! ANYWAY, I just loved this movie. It's so fun and kind of silly. Still, The Black Swan with Ty Power will be my favorite pirate forever. Because you know, I've reformed and now I like him! ;D

  2. Yay, I thought that nobody would understand my post: what can be more incomprehensible that a Spanish speaker with bad English writing in Pirate Talk? LOL. Yeah, it's really a fun movie with just one purpose: to entertain :) I haven't seen The Black Swan --cool that you now like Tyron, he's the two movies I've seen him: The mark of Zorro & Witness for the prosecution-- but my fave pirate film is Errolivia's "Captain Blood". Thanks for stopping by, Emm!

  3. Burt Lancaster fue saltimbanqui, supongo que lo sabes, y bordó el papel con tanto salto. Pero yo, como tú, prefiero al Capitán Blood, mi primer amor, aunque después le di puerta por Ben Hur. ¡voluble que es una! Y también te recomiendo El Cisne Negro, es muy entretenida.

  4. I'm happy you followed the Italian for Beginners blog. You can still go to other Italian blogs and practice their phrases. With your Spanish, it will be fun and easy.

  5. Lola: Tanto tiempo sin verte por acá!! Sí, leí sobre Burt y sus actos acrobáticos, me recordó los inicios de Cary Grant :) Y sí, imposible q se mueva del primer lugar el Capitán Blood! El Cisne Negro debe ser muy buena, está en mi lista de pelis por ver, gracias por la recomendación!! Ah, y gracias por comentar :)

    Rosaria: Thanks for leaving a comment and thanks for all that Italian fun! It was really a pleasure to read your post this year! Thanks again, hope to see you around :)

  6. This is my favorite pirate movie. Burt Lancaster was so gorgeous!

  7. KC: This film was great and yeah Burt was gorgeous and a terrific actor!! But my fave pirate movie is "Captain Blood" :) Thanks for stopping by!



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