Sep 22, 2010

I have Tumblr: the story

It's confirmed: I have the most dispersed behavior in all Human History. I wanted to make a post like everyday about...
...well, I don't remember by now (you should also know that I think I have Dory's memory problem...and I think I already told you about that).
Well the thing is I checked my blog "Stats" before writing my daily Blogger post and noticed that some readers came from a Tumblr link. I clicked the link to check the source but Tumblr asked me for user + password. I didn't give up so easy, so I created an account. But then it started to offer me tons of things to do, like posting a picture or sharing a quote. So I obeyed (I took a picture and posted one of the loveliest quotes ever by the way). My site looked kind of boring so I created a header, a background, added a description, made a logo, create another header and background because I didn't like the previous...
So here I am, like 3 hours later, with a brand new Via Margutta 51 Tumblr Site, a Blogger post about nothing that I had to write two times because I accidentally erased it (argh!), inviting you to click this link...

...and asking you to share your Tumblr experiences and opinions (do you have one? do you like any specific page? do you know anything about it? why do you hate it? why do you don't have one? what should I do now with mine?, etc).

Yes, I hate my rambling posts too.  


  1. I have a tumblr myself and Ive quite enjoyed it. You can be dorky or obsessive about old films or people and everyone else does the same. They old hollywood group is really nice so I think youll enjoy it.

  2. I've had a Tumblr for longer than I've had a blog. It's so simple and fun!

    Two of my personal favorite pages:

    My Tumblr:

  3. I have tumblr, and I love it! :) The old Hollywood lovers on there are so wonderful! :) I actually don't really have any favourite pages as such, I follow far too many people, but when you get all the photos, quotes, videos etc. together on your's just marvellous!

    My tumblr is:

    I reblog a LOT and that's how I found people with similar "tastes" to me to follow.

  4. Forgot to thank you girls. Uhm, yeah, Tumblr is really cool and very addictive, I'm loving it.



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