Aug 16, 2010

Day 16- Favorite director

This survey is terribly mean. First asking for my favorite movie from my favorite actor and actress. I thought that one was complicated, but then it wanted me to pick my favorite movie. No kidding. And now asks for my favorite director. Why don't you better ask if I prefer my mom or my dad?
Anyway. Let's see.

Alfred Hitchcock
Hitch sick and tired of being called a genius.

Uhm, Hitchcok got me interested in Classic Hollywood. You know that. When I want to see a good film, there's a lot of chances I choose one of his films. He's a genius. Uhm, you knew that too. He's one of my favorite directors because he combines romance, suspense, comedy, drama perfectly. Because I forget everything when I see his movies. Because he had amazing writers, actors, artists and musicians working for him. Because I've seen around 30 films from him and almost loved them all (there's nothing to do, "The Paradine Case" was boring). Because he loved to surprise the public and I love when directors love to surprise me. I love Hitch (just yesterday I re-watched "The lady vanishes"...what a terrific film. I *adore* Michael Redgrave.)


But I also like very very very much Billy Wilder. You little guy with an accent and glasses you. I have an accent too, but not your talent (or your glasses). Wilder is one of the directors whose films I can order in a top 10, without including great movies like "Stalag 17", "The Major and the Minor" or "Irma la Douce".  Haven't I said enough? Well, he was a genius too.

Joseph imagining how delightful would be to hit Liz with a vase. 

But I can leave out one of the greatest directors AND writers ever, Mr. Joseph L. Mankiewicz. I mean, the guy directed his movies and wrote his scripts ALONE. "A letter to three wives" blew my mind. The flashbacks are great, the performers give the best of themselves, the situations are so well developed. And what about "People will talk", "Sleuth", "No way out", "Suddenly last summer", "The barefoot contessa", "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and, for heaven's sake, "All About Eve"?! Not to mention that he almost die shooting the never- ending "Cleopatra", the movie about he 'didn't talk'. 

These guys are geniuses. I can name a few more: William Wyler, David Lean, Frank Capra, Ernst Lubitsch,  George Cukor, John Ford, Leo McCarey, but what would be the point? This survey is mean.

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  1. Los más grandes, los que nos han hecho amar el cine por siempre Wilder ( mi favorito ) Hitchcock,Lubitsch, Capra, Ford ...
    William Wyler y todos los que mencionas están en el Olimpo de los Dioses cinematografico..! :-))



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