Jul 23, 2010

Day 12- Favorite Barrymore

Uhm, can I say Drew Barrymore? No? Ok. 
A short story: we always laugh out loud with my brother when we remember this dialog we had while watching E.T:

Home. Night.  

Clara and her brother are watching "E.T." on "T.V." 

Clara: Hey, brother, did you know that Drew Barrymore appears in this movie very little?
Little Brother: Really? Where is she?

Suddenly the TV shows E.T.

Clara: (pointing the alien.) There!

Clara and Little Brother get the giggles. Clara almost pees.

Drew Barrymore in one of her first film roles. 
Yeah, I know, but it was funny at the moment!

Oh, yes, I was supposed to talk about my favorite classic Barrymore.  Let's see:
ETHEL: Vote for me kid, I'm the best Barrymore.
Ethel Barrymore: I haven't seen many films from her. I think I liked her character in "The portrait of Jennie", she played an artist, right? And she was very good in "The Spiral Staircase" as the stubborn old woman in bed. And that's it.

LIONEL: I don't know Greta, she's not gonna choose me. 
Lionel Barrymore: My favorite characters played by Lionel are poor Otto in "Grand Hotel", revengeful Paul Lavond in "The Devil-Doll", hated his character in "Camille" (but his performance was good), hated his character even more as greedy Mr. Potter in "It's a wonderful life" (but his performance was even better).

JOHN: Oh, Greta, I'm desperate. I have to be the best Barrymore. 
John Barrymore: Loved him in "Grand Hotel" (terrific performance) & "Midnight" (he was just hysterical at some points) , liked his crazy character from "True confession" (maybe the best thing from that movie) and he was great in "Twentieth Century" (but I have to admit I didn't like that movie very much).

So, I don't know really. It's hard to pick just one. The three are great and ....Ok, John, you don't have to put a gun in my head. I choose you.  


  1. ¡ Menuda familia ! El talento se hereda...:-))

  2. I love the Barrymore's also walter Pigeon/ and Ronald Coleman. What voices..

  3. ¡ Menuda familia ! El talento se hereda...:-))



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