Jun 13, 2010

Robin Hood (2010) and my 'Robin Ranking'

So after waiting months and months, I finally saw Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett playing the famous outlaw and the maid. And I liked it. So here's the mini review (I know, this isn't a classic movie by itself, but it's part of a classic series of movies based on the same story) :

Robin Hood (Ridley Scott, 2010)

Who's in it: Russell Crowe + Cate Blanchett

What's about: Well, you know, the archer, the king, the maid, some taxes, etc. The thing is that this movie tells the story of Robin before he was declared an outlaw by King John.

The good: Great casting; an overall well developed and attractive love story, with more details about the main characters' background; beautiful sceneries, with some magnificent aerial shoots; some good jokes every now and then. Nice they tried to give new attributes to the main characters (like Robin being less festive and Marian being fiercer). I don't mean I don't like them the old way, 'cause I do, but at least that's a contribution to the whole series of movies about Robin.

The bad: The beginning (like 20 minutes). I've would edited it, because it was kind of slow and messy, and I think that the part where the King and Robin met was ridiculous; also the dialogue was a bit too, erhm, 'forced to become great quotes' at some points (fail); the music in some part wasn't well added; and at the end, [spoiler]Cate going to the battle accompanied by like three kiddies was kind of hilarious[/spoiler] (select the blank space using your mouse to read the spoiler).

Should I see it? Yes, but you should see "Gladiator" first. Or the one with Errolivia.

And here's my ranking of Robin Hood films:

#1: "The adventures of Robin Hood" (Michael Curtiz, 1938) 

#2: "Robin Hood" (Ridley Scott, 2010)

#3: "Robin Hood" (Wolfgang Reitherman, 1973)  

#4: "Robin and Marian" (Richard Lester, 1976)

#5: "Robin Hood: Prince of the Thieves" (Kevin Reynolds, 1991) 

Not included because I haven't seen them:
  •  Robin Hood (Allan Dwan, 1922, starring Douglas Fairbanks)
  •  Robin Hood: Men in Tights (Mel Brooks, 1993)


  1. I Think Errol Flinn was the best. Womanizer and all he was dazzling.

    I have not seen Russel Crow, I like him, Cate too. Is it on dvd yet?

    Thanks for the ratings,, yvonne

  2. I think the dvd isn't available yet. And yeah, Errol was the best :) Thanks for commenting Yvonne.



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