Apr 27, 2010

Ginger in Heaven

While I was totally disconnected from world, Ginger Rogers happened to be 15 years dancing in Heaven. And that reminded a very cool part of "Can't wait to get to Heaven" a book by Fannie Flag (the writer of "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe" and its movie script "Fried green Tomatoes").
Well, in this passage the main character, an old lady called Elner just died but she hasn't realized what's going on yet:

"Yoo hoo!' she called out. 'Anybody here?' She had walked for quite a while when she suddenly saw a pretty blue-eyed blond lady rushing down the hall toward her, carrying a pair of black tap shoes and a white feather boa.
'Hey,' said Elner. The lady smiled at her and said, 'Hello, how are you?' but she went by her so fast, Elner didn't have a chance to ask where she was. A few seconds after the lady passed, Elner thought to herself that she hadn't known better, she would have sworn the woman was Ginger Rogers! She knew exactly what Ginger Rogers looked like because she had always been Elner's favorite movie star, and Dixie Cahill, who had run the Dixi Cahill School of Tap and Twirl in Elmwood Springs, where Linda had taken dancing, had a big picture of the dancer up in her dance studio. But the more she thought about it, she realized that even though the woman was the spitting image of Ginger Rogers, it couldn't have been her. What in the world would Ginger Rogers be doing in Kansas City, Missouri? It didn't make any sense, but then she suddenly remembered, Ginger Rogers was originally from Missouri, so even if it wasn't her, it was for sure one of her relatives." (p.68-69)
( .. .)
"Now Elner was starting to get upset. 'How should I know, Ida? I just fell off a ladder, I'm so addle-brained at this point, I thought I just saw Ginger Rogers go by...and now you're telling me you're dead, when I can see you plain as day. I must have knocked my brain out of whack because none of this is making any sense to me"
"Think Elner,' Ida said. 'Me? Ginger Rogers?'
Elner thought for a second; then it dawned on her, Ginger Rogers had been dead for years, so had Ida; not only that, she suddenly realized that she could hear every word Ida was saying without her hearing aid!" (p.72)

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